CERTIFICATIONS1200 630 safety certifications

We are licensed with the State of Michigan, Boiler Division, to install and repair boilers and pressure vessels. We are in possession of the “S”, “U”, and “R” Symbols in accordance with A.S.M.E. Code, Section VIII, Division I and NBIC Code. Our welders are qualified in accordance with Section XI of the A.S.M.E. Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. We are licensed with the State of Michigan and City of Detroit to perform boiler installations, repairs, steeplejack inspections, mechanical applications and much more.

At Detroit Boiler Company we are totally committed to the safety and protection of your product.  We have successfully completed thousands of boiler projects. 


At Detroit Boiler Company, safety issues are a non-issue. We have a full time safety director on staff with over 20 years of field experience. Detroit Boiler Company routinely works in some of the most stringent industrial environments like confined space and chemical manufacturing plants and we are proud to say that there is not one safety standard we have not met. 

  • Detroit Boiler Company requires continuous random drug testing.
  • Detroit Boiler Company aggressively participates in the MOST safety programs.
  • Detroit Boiler Company takes an active role in partnering with local unions to provide apprentice training, journeyman upgrade programs and reoccurring periodic onsite safety lessons.
  • Detroit Boiler Company requires all employees to adhere to safety guidelines as presented in our safety manual.
  • Our Safety Manual provides requirements and guidelines that meet or exceed MIOSHA and OSHA standards.



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About Us

dboiler logo whOur services include: design, fabrication and erection of boiler systems, refuse plants, industrial waste furnaces, stacks, breeching, duct work, round and rectangular tanks, cupolas, pressure vessels, burner fuel conversion, CSD-1 inspections and many other items.  We welcome the opportunity to quote projects for you in the near future and to partner with you in your preventative maintenance programs. If additional information is desired or you would like to further discuss our capabilities, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Union Strong


At Detroit Boiler Co we are proud Union Members of Boilermakers Local 169. We are committed to making safety a priority. The Boilermaker Code and Creed empowers Boilermakers to be leaders that are highly skilled, safety-trained and responsible.


Detroit Boiler Company
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